1 June - 15 September 2019

There are places in which a set of subliminal as well as peculiar aspects, made of unique and unrepeatable lights and atmospheres, contribute more than in others to establish together a form of correlation, and in some cases, an intimate and indissoluble bond. Versilia, a sweet and hospitable land, hovering between the majesty of the Apuan Alps and the infinite horizon of the sea, has always been able to nourish this profound relationship with those who have known and can perceive and grasp the most suggestive and hidden aspects, primarily Artists and Sculptors from all over the world.


It is on the basis of these emotions that over the years IMAGO Art Strategies has constantly renewed its presence in this magnificent and industrious territory through numerous exhibition events, and that today makes us immensely pleased to present the project dedicated to the Work of the Sculptor Helidon Xhixha, housed in the heart of Forte dei Marmi, a symbolic place of historic Versilia.


An exhibition conceived in its entirety in the open air, conceived as a conciliatory walk, underlined by twelve monumental works located in the symbolic places of the city, from the Fortino to the promenade, passing through the Piazza del Municipio to the iconic Pontile, but above all a path in the “Opera” and in the visions of Helidon Xhixha, which through the use of steel, or marble, underlines and exalts the complex symbiosis between the Artist, with his own research, and the heritage of the territory that hosts this exhibition.


STEEL AND STONE, two materials only apparently in antithesis yet intimately related to each other, that Helidon Xhixha interprets, combines and redefines with infinite sensitivity, giving one the lightness and plasticity of the other in a dance of light and sinuosity in constant and unstoppable evolution.


Stainless steel, the artist’s favorite material, a result of technological synthesis, designed to challenge time and metaphor both of human ingenuity and of the most aseptic modernity, which through the work of Helidon Xhixha appears to almost dematerialize, initialy absorbing softly then harshly the surrounding space and light coming to interact both with them and with the spectator, in a dynamic redefinition of all consolidated perceptive relationships.


Marble, symbolic material of this location, natural and noble, an archaic and absolute icon of the sculptural tradition through the centuries, which Xhixha’s “Opera” seems to dismiss for a moment from its natural seriousness in favor of an unexpected lightness, in an uninterrupted succession of lights and shadows where the original grain overlap and support a flexuosity dynamic imposed by the Artist on matter.


A path, therefore, of continuous discovery and uninterrupted dialogue, a complex and at the same time intuitive game of references present in every sculpture location, where the reflections of the symbolic places of Forte dei Marmi, the splendid setting of the landscapes of Versilia, and the incredible lights of the sunsets and mornings by the sea, they will dance together on these works, enchanting the spectators.


With this Exhibition IMAGO Art Strategies, continually engaged in multiple international exhibition projects, is honored to be able to introduce the work of a great Artist like Helidon Xhixha in a context like that of Forte dei Marmi, as prestigious as it is loved by countless people coming from from all over the world, who will spend in these unique places, unforgettable moments of relax and vacation in the heart of the 2019 summer season.